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Restorative Alternative Wellness, Inc. is a warm and friendly therapeutic environment, where we offer a variety of mental and behavioral health services. All of the providers are well seasoned, compassionate and knowledgeable in a wide range of strategies including integrative medicine. We are not only dedicated to people changing their life stories, but we have great success as we see many people move forward towards their next life adventure. Whether overcoming a history of trauma, addiction, divorce, relationship conflict or mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety, we are well equipped to handle them all!

Dr. Gina Pazzaglia, PhD, LCSW, LADC
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If you are unsure if the issues you are dealing with are in our scope, please call our office and our knowledgeable staff will answer any questions or concerns you have and walk you through the process of getting started.

Each individual has  their own set of needs, so our providers will do a full assessment and personal history with you for your first appointment to get to know you and your background, and set up a personalized wellness plan designed just for  you. There is no one-size-fits-all in therapy, so all of our providers are trained in a wide variety of therapy tools and strategies to find what works best for you.

We are in network with several insurance panels, and for  any  that we are not in-network with we can courtesy  bill as an out-of-network provider. We also have a sliding fee scale based on income available for out-of-network and out-of-pocket fees to help make services more affordable. We also have telehealth and video therapy services available.


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All of our therapists are well-seasoned and have worked with a very wide range of issues, so if you are unsure who would be the best fit call our front desk office and we should be able to direct you.

Dr. Gina Pazzaglia,


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Our Happy Clients

I've been with Dr. Gina for 4 years and a month, and in that time she has helped me with co-dependency, PTSD, self esteem, and making better life choices. She has given me tools and guidance for me to move through some very difficult times. She has helped me to understand myself, like myself, love myself, and be a more loving person. She has helped me to take care of myself and to love the person I am and who I am becoming. Most of all, she's shown me how to live life and find freedom from the past and future, to live today and savor every moment. The therapy I've had with Dr. Gina is priceless. Best money I've ever spent on myself! I've found peace within. She is a very personable, wise and caring, experienced therapist, and her office is a comfortable and peaceful environment. I believe she can help others with anything! Life issues such as substance or physical abuse, marriage, grief, life coaching for difficult times, financial debt, learning to get to know themselves as they are, free from the dictates of other people or things, setting goals and enjoying life! She can help you to live life in a new and better perspective.

I. C. Light Art Director

Dr. Gina has helped me with maintaining my sobriety and embarking on a healthy and happy life. I call her more of a life coach because she not only helps me navigate through talk therapy, but helps me navigate all facets of life much more successfully. She is absolutely amazing and has enriched my life. Her office is peaceful, it is such a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere (better than your typical therapist office). I believe she can help others with any aspects of their life, whether trauma, addiction or just everyday life issues. She can help you devise a plan through talk therapy, life coaching, nutrition assistance, exercise programs, and many other supportive elements.

Katie McDonald

I've been with Dr. Gina for 6 months, and she has helped me with naming my own feelings and not relying on others to tell me how I should be feeling or what I should believe. She's helped me understand behaviors that hinder me from enjoying my life, and with understanding my gifts. She inspires me to be myself, to like myself alone and with other people. Her office is happy, open, playful, colorful, and accepting. I believe she can help others with initiating behaviors away from depression, substance abuse, aging issues, and towards more joy in life, confidence and making important lifestyle changes.

Marilyn Montrove

I've been with Dr. Gina for 1 year, 4 months, and she has helped me with building self confidence, learning how to cope in a healthy manner, and connecting with my spiritual side. She has helped me in learning how my bipolar affects me, and understanding what is instinct driven and what is emotion driven. She is very in tune to me, kind and concerned and easy to be with. Her office is clean and neat, and I love Flora (the office therapy dog)! I believe she can help others with understanding themselves and their emotions and relationships, and working on mental disorders like bi-polar.

Molly B.

I am 73 years old and Dr. Gina has helped me with issues that I have had for 71 years, and some issues that are current. She is very congenial, open and understanding, and her office is professional but cozy. I believe she can help others with all aspects of their life - she wants honesty and is not afraid to point out when her patients are fooling her and most importantly themselves.


Dr. Gina has helped me with learning how to deal with trauma from past emotional, spiritual, physical and domestic abuse - to rewrite my script for today and know that I am who God has called me to be. I am valuable and have purpose. She's helped my with healing and restoration in myself, mentally and physically. She is someone I can trust and open up to without being hurt, and her office is very relaxing, clean and peaceful. I believe she can help others with PTSD, trauma, emotional and relationship issues, and any of their spiritual battles.

Christine Caine

I've been with Dr. Gina for three years, and she has helped me learn how not to stay stuck in destructive patterns in behaviors, how to treat myself better and be more assertive. She is very caring and I really think she knows her job very well, and her office is friendly and has a warm atmosphere. I believe she can help others with making decisions on what would and could be beneficial to them, and to not stay stuck in their problems.

Elisabeth Gill

I have been with Dr. Gina for 3 years, and she has helped me with coping skills, stress management, strategizing, planning, being authentic, connecting to my true self, dealing with the past abuse and no longer thinking like a victim. She is brilliant, authentic, compassionate, wise and honest, and her office is a comfortable, relaxing and safe place. I believe she can help others with dealing with past or current abuse and trauma issues, connecting to the authentic self, coping skills and stress management. She helps people find the courage to heal. I believe she can help others with making decisions on what would and could be beneficial to them, and to not stay stuck in their problems.

Lisa Taylor

I have been with Dr. Gina for 14 years, and she has helped me with my depression, anxiety, self esteem and many other issues I have dealing with life. She is wonderful and very helpful! I believe she can help others with any problems in every aspect of life.

Anna Brown

In the 2 years I've been with Dr. Gina she has helped me with resolving issues and unhealthy choices based on things from my childhood. She is honest and driven to make you work hard to achieve your happiness, and her office is calming - I believe she can help others with anything they need help with.

Susie Q.

I've been with Dr. Gina for 3 months, and she has helped me with my behavioral patterns and helped me redirect my high anxiety. We've uncovered a lot of the root causes that started all of my stress and worries together. She is very helpful and offers a different kind of therapy, and her office is homey. I believe she can help others move forward in their journeys as she has helped me. I'm now my own boss and I'm finding my own little piece of happiness in my life.

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